Founded in 1962: Longstone factory is the History of Made in Italy.

Longstone Company is a third generation Family enterprise.
It is one of the few shoe manufacturers who actually produced shoes and boots in Italy guaranteeing the quality.
Today, thanks to an extremely hight level of innovation Longstone Company is leadership of professional Chainsaw boots and Firefighting boots.
Longstone boots are tested at PFI and KWF German Institute according to European standards to guarantee your safety.
The challenge of ensuring that those who help others are provided with the best possible protection for their own health.
Our response to this challenge has enabled us to establish ourselves among the leaders in numerous European markets in the sectors of professional shoes.
The growth rates that Longstone is witnessing outside Europe, as well, are enormous.
We tirelessly strive to identify safety shoe innovations in order to ensure our continued ability to meet our customers' demands into the future.